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Styrian Pumpin Seed Oil

Styrian pumpkin seed oil - high - quality pleasure for YOUR health

If you buy Styrian pumpkin seed oil, you can be sure that you are buying medicinal and cooking oil in equal measure. Because the pumpkin seed oil of Styria represents the elite among the various healthy oils. If you buy pumpkin seed oil that bears the designation Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI, you are on the safe side and guaranteed to receive extraordinary quality. With its natural ingredients, this pumpkin seed oil from Styria offers you a wide range of benefits. The high-quality standard of aroma and ingredients is considered unique for Styrian pumpkin seed oil. If you buy Styrian pumpkin seed oil, you will receive something valuable for your health and cuisine. When buying pumpkin seed oil, the following information is important.

Pumpkin seed oil Styria – Interesting facts about origin and production

Styria, especially southern Styria, is also referred to by many as the green heart of Austria. In addition to apple and wine cultivation, there are also around 17,000 hectares of pumpkin cultivation area. Our pumpkin farm is located in the southern Styrian wine and spa region, in the municipality of ‘Weitersfeld an der Mur’. This is where we produce pure, high-quality Styrian pumpkin seed oil for you. For one liter of this oil, which you buy as Styrian pumpkin seed oil, you need about 2.5 to 3 kg of seeds.

Immediately after the harvest in autumn, the cleaned and dried pumpkin seeds are placed in sacks for storage. Depending on requirements, they are then freshly pressed. The seeds for our Styrian pumpkin seed oil come exclusively from Curcubita pepo var Styriac, our typical oil pumpkin variety. This is a special mutation that has pumpkin seeds without a solid shell. Instead of the shell, our pumpkin seeds have a thin skin. They contain a little more oil and, after grinding and gentle roasting, are easy to press.

Since 1996 Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI (protected geographical indication) has been under EU protection. An experienced press master always plays a major part in the purity and the extraordinary quality of our pumpkin seed oil Styria. Genuine Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil guarantees you a sleeve on the neck of the bottle with an individual, consecutive control number. When you buy pumpkin seed oil from us, you are buying a quality that was awarded the gold medal at the state awards from 2000 to 2018. Voted the best pumpkin seed oil in Styria by Gault & Millau in 2018.

Buy Styrian pumpkin seed oil? There are many reasons for this!

If you want to buy high-quality pumpkin seed oil, it is best to buy the highest quality, i.e. Styrian pumpkin seed oil. The various possible uses alone are reason enough to pay attention to the highest level of purity and quality. If you buy pumpkin seed oil, such as the award-winning Styrian pumpkin seed oil that our pumpkin farm offers, you are definitely making the right decision. If you buy such a green, nutty-tasting pumpkin seed oil, you can use it as cooking oil without hesitation. Whether one or two tablespoons over the salad or simply on its own, Styrian pumpkin seed oil always tastes great.

Interesting ingredients - amazing effects

If you buy pumpkin seed oil, you will also get many high-quality and important active ingredients, minerals and vitamins. For example, phytosterols and delta-7 setrin, which have positive effects on the prostate. Polysaturated fatty acids, which are also included, together with phytosterols, have a beneficial effect on the heart and circulation (blood pressure). Styrian pumpkin seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the ingredients vitamin E and selenium.

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Styrian Pumpin Seed Oil

Styrian pumpkin seed oil - high-quality pleasure for health When you buy Styrian pumpkin seed oil, you can be sure that you are buying both medicinal and edible oil.

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